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Where No One Stands Alone
The Time of Our Time
Memphis 8.16.2018 - I was there.
reviving the blog

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Memphis 8.16.2018 - I was there.
The Time of Our Time
reviving the blog
Where No One Stands Alone


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Where No One Stands Alone

The new Elvis Album, 'Where No One Stands Alone,' has Debuted at #1 on Multiple Music Charts:

#1 Billboard Christian Album Chart
#1 Billboard Physical Album Chart
#1 Billboard Vinyl Album Chart

and as a Top 10 Album in the United Kingdom (a 53rd top U.K. Album)

Elvis Presley has entered the Billboard Top Christian album chart at #1 -- a first for the legendary artist -- with "Where No One Stands Alone," a groundbreaking new album on RCA/Legacy celebrating the singer's everlasting love of gospel music.

Produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley and Andy Childs, "Where No One Stands Alone" introduced newly-recorded instrumentation and backing vocal contributions from music legends who had performed on-stage and/or in-the-studio with Elvis.

Good job, Lisa Marie.

Source:  Graceland.com

The Time of Our Time

Hi Everyone,

I brought one of Norman Mailer's books along on my recent trip to Memphis, TN.
I grabbed the most recent one that I had purchased with some of my birthday funds:

a signed First Edition of The Time of Our Time (1998)

While I was in school - I was taught that it was real important to read the book jacket of a book - so with tired eyes (from wearing my contacts) I sat down to read the book jacket.

I absorbed what it said:
"He goes at the world like a tiger.
What will surprise many readers of The Time of Our Time
is what a shrewd and stylish tiger he has been."

My great Aunt explained to me that my mom, Vi, had called me "tiger" as a baby and I had just seen the part of the movie G.I. Blues where Elvis had called the baby in that movie "tiger".

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Memphis 8.16.2018 - I was there.

August 16, 2018
It was an unusual day.

I attended the viewing of Elvis' '68 Comeback Special at the Graceland Soundstage. As I was walking in, a woman from Scotland informed me that Aretha Franklin had died and that people were finding it a bid odd that she died on the same day as Elvis Presley had years ago. I explained that I hear this from you now in person, and then, the house (my house) received a phone call about Elvis' death - of course my mom had explained that to me in person.

I don't think that I have ever been on Elvis Presley Boulevard on the Anniversary of his death, before this year. Although, I did live in Memphis, TN for a season - I was only brought to view Graceland one night on a date - while Jeff and I were parking. It has been only recently that I've been attending Elvis related events.

I stopped by on August 17, 2018 and I was finally able to spend sometime alone on the Graceland grounds - although I was thankful that the Security Guard was there in his little shack. I do hope that part of their assignment is to protect the people that visit Graceland and not just the grounds. It was the first time that I have actually seen a guard in the building when I have visited at night and the first time that I saw no fans around.

As I drove home on August 17, 2018 the news of August 16, 2018 filled the airwaves - although Elvis songs still were the dominant songs - unlike on the National television news - where I hadn't heard the Anniversary of Elvis' death mentioned at all. News travels in cycles and perhaps Elvis just isn't as relevant anymore as he once was. I find that odd because Elvis is more relevant in my own personal life than he ever was before.

When I reached Arkansas - the radio announced part of the reason for the somber mood in Memphis, TN on August 16, 2018. While Elvis had been born in Mississippi and then moved to Memphis, TN - Aretha was born in Memphis, TN. I learned the radio station from a previously recorded spot done by Ludacris.

P.S. I finally touched the gate to Graceland on this trip. Gates are special to me - although as a child I did not want one of our properties to have a gate. I was told that it was for "protection". I asked then, why is the gate open when we are on the property - and closed when we aren't on the property? Aren't the people what you want to protect?

P.S.S. I've never seen the gates closed or be closed in person during the day - while people are actually on the property. Is the staff to lazy to protect the visitors? Apparently. After all, Elvis has left the building.

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reviving the blog

Hi Everyone,

I recently discovered that my sharynelander.com page was now a "secure" page. I had basically only been updating the page occasionally - as sharyn.co is secure. Now both pages are secure - so I thought that I would use some of the things that I have on this page.

I will be reviewing my blog to see if any of my blog entries that have been "unpublished" should be published.

I will be out of town for a few days - but I have down loaded some reports from here - to review while I am in Tennessee.