Sharyn has worked on a USA ~ State Government level in three States:
  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • Nebraska

You can follow Sharyn on Twitter @sharynGOV if you desire.

Sharyn was a Candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012 (R) NE.

Sharyn had mailed Walter Mondale correspondence on behalf of a non-profit organization that she worked with during her first job and Sharyn had discussed this with Gerald Elander as a child. Sharyn asked Gerald's permission to run for U.S. Senate (at the right time) during that same long conversation.

The twitter page that Sharyn used during her first Senate race is:

Sharyn is non-partisan as of her birthday in 2015.

Sharyn considered the 2016 Republican Platform carefully.
Having studied science for years in Pre-Med Prep in High School and having studied both Science and Research on a Master's Level at Abilene Christian University, Sharyn thought not recognizing changes in climate was a major issue. Sharyn doesn't think that it is not enough for a Republican to say, I'm not a Scientist - when considering climate change...if they don't know about it, then they should read about it. While the Democrats passed "The Affordable Care Act" without reading it, Sharyn hopes that the Republicans can at least read. Perhaps, a much better answer when confronted with a climate change question is: I'm reading about that - or perhaps - I'm studying about that. Instead of replying as some Republicans do stating that they aren't a Scientist.

Sharyn considered the 2016 Democratic Platform, also.
Having been told for most of her childhood - if abortion had been legal when she was conceived, that then she would have been aborted, Sharyn did not want to become a Democrat, although she did consider it. Sharyn feels that the purpose of "choice" is not demonstrated enough by the Democrats to protect the life of the unborn, also. Having met Hillary Clinton briefly at a book signing, Sharyn waited a long time to not endorse Clinton - as she wanted a reason that would relate to the people that she would inform of her decision. When Sharyn heard that Mrs. Clinton had laughed about a sex offender that she had represented - Sharyn considered that not only a break of Client confidentiality for that person, but a disgrace to laugh that she had represented someone that she thought was an apparent known sex offender who had been found not guilty. In addition, it is not just that the Former President Bill Clinton lied about what he did with an Intern - he did what he did - in the People's house - the Whitehouse and therefore, Sharyn didn't think that he should live there again.

Due to the above decisions:
Sharyn endorsed Trump on Real Red Daisies on Facebook (5K+ likes) and Causes (4.8 Million+ members) for his 2016 Campaign. 


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